Using the Library

Library Cards:

We offer FREE library cards for anyone. You need to sign up for a library card in person at the library when it’s open because you will need to fill out a form and sign a waiver. The two things you must provide us with are your name (it doesn’t have to be your legal name) and a source of contact information: phone number or, ideally, email address. We don’t require you to show ID to get a library card.

Taking Out and Returning Materials:

Books and DVDs may be taken out for an initial 3 weeks and renewed a maximum of 3 times. Reference materials and oversize art books are not allowed to be checked out. The maximum number of items you can have checked out at once is 10 items; 4 of those items can be DVDs. You can return items to the library at any time; even if we are not open, there is a dropbox where you can place items.

Overdue Materials:

We do not charge fees for overdue materials but we do take steps to ensure that items are returned. Overdue notices will be sent to you via email and/or phone (you may choose which of the two options you prefer when you sign up for a library card). Items that are over 3 weeks overdue are considered lost. The Out On The Shelves Library reserves the right to charge a fine to replace lost, stolen, or damaged items. To replace a lost or damaged item, a fee of the retail price of the item will apply. We will also accept replacement copies in good condition for lost or damaged items.